Tuesday, 23 July 2013

back issue articles available online

issue 37 cover image

Beginning with issue #36, which was published in hard copy last week  ( >>>issue#36.17-23.JUL.2013<<<), we are now uploading articles from the POINT back catalogue. This will be a relatively slow process as there is a surprising amount of work in reformatting but we will do our best to get as much of our content online as we can in as short a time as is feasible. We will also make a point of uploading the previous week's articles as soon as a new issue is available on the streets.

Issue 36 featured Campbell Walker's review of The Rocket (a film shown as a bit of a teaser at the 2013 NZ Film Festival Programme Launch on Monday 15th July), David Graveney's reflections on works by Toss Wollaston, Colin McCahon, John and Ann Caselberg which was on show at Brett McDowell Gallery, and a somewhat convoluted phase shift of an editorial bemoaning the statistical infrasture of political clich√© by yours truly. Each article is posted individually below but they will be archived as issues.

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